MVM &M Update – Mini Cog

Hi everyone,

Just a little note to let you all know, that we are having a good around and realise that we are running out of room here at the Museum. Its time to look at our future plans and where we think we might like to be in 5-10 years.

During this time we have been made to look and update the Facebook and web page as well. There is still so many jobs to do, if you have a spare couple of days we certainly could find you something to do,

Although our history hasn’t changed much the Museum has certainly evolved and grown since the “About us” section was last update. So we are working on this.

Covid 19 is still causing a little bit of problem but generally if we aren’t in Lockdown the Museum is open on days identified. If closed we will announce this on the museums Facebook Page.

Keep and eye out for the next AGM and membership for 2021-22 is now due.

We hope you are all well, enjoying you family and friends. Especially getting to play with the toys we all enjoys

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